Greetings in Christ, dear parents.

The lesson for this Friday 11 November is “ISAAC, THE SON OF PROMISE”.

Please find below list of homework / assignment:

  • Page 1 of the attachment lesson material.
    You may read the 1st page as a bed time story to your child. This will encourage the child to answer during class recitation.
  • Page 2 homework. Please note that we will answer the homework together in class, this Friday itself after teaching the lesson.
  • Prayer Video – Guardian Angel  (Golden color prayer book, page 15)
    Please follow below instructions when recording the child’s video prayer.
    • Let the child stand, Hands held together
    • Start with the Sign of the Cross
    • EYES CLOSED when reciting the prayer
    • End with the Sign of the Cross
  • OPTIONAL – prayer video on Morning Offering.  This is to encourage the child to memorize the prayer by heart

We thank you for your support,

Yours in Christ,

Class 2 Teachers

Isaac the Son of Promise – Lesson Materials and Activity Sheet