Greetings in Christ, dear parents,

This Friday 14  October 2022 is the first Class Test and 1st oral prayer test for our children.

Total mark for class test-20   and  10 marks for prayer

Time allotted- 30minutes to be followed by Oral Prayer Test

Pointers for the first class test:

  • Green Activity Book:
    • Lesson 11 Jesus Tells Us About His Father
    • Lesson 12 Jesus Loves Us
    • Lesson 13 Jesus Helps Us
  • Bible Portions: God’s Creation and Noah
  • Prayer: Morning Offering

Instructions to Parents:

  • Log into Zoom with child’s full name
  • Videos have to be ON
  • Mic has to be on MUTE unless asked to speak
  • The Class Test will start soon after the Opening Prayer (to be led by Teachers)
  • Kindly note that attendance of your child is mandatory for the test on Friday October 14th 2022.
  • Please be available for your child during this test to assist your child READ the questions and do the test. Please do not dictate the answer. Let your child choose the answers himself/herself.
  • In case of any query, use the “Raise Hand” option or send a direct chat message to the teacher on Zoom


  • Step 1: link for the online exam will be sent in the chat bar.
  • Step 2: copy the link and paste it on new tab in google.
  • Step 3: help child to select his/her name.
  • Step 4: let the child continue to work on the test by him/herself.
  • Step 5: child to click on submit when finished and instructions on  one on one oral prayer test on “Morning Offering” will follow.

Children  can practice before next week’s class test by clicking the link below:

If due to time constraints your child is unable to do the oral prayer test on 14th October itself,  this will be taken during another class session.  We urge all parents to help our children practice the prayer with the instruction sent earlier (see image below).  We encourage the child to send the video prayer weekly to the class teacher via whatsapp . Child will receive a Star.

Many thanks for your support,

Class 2 Teachers