Greetings, dear parents,

The Lesson for 16 September 2022  is about “Jesus Tells Us About His Father”.

Please note below homework:

  • Page 33-34 of the Green Activity Book
  • Activity Sheet attachment – Parable of the Prodigal Son
    May be answered directly on the child notebook and send the answers by taking photo of the page/ paper and send via whatsapp to the Class Teacher.
  • “Morning Offering” prayer  – please send the prayer video to the class teacher. (Gold color prayer book, page 12)
    Please note, child who has submitted the prayer video last week is encouraged to recite the prayer again and forward to the class teacher.  This will help the child to memorize the prayer by heart, and he/she will receive a star.

As mentioned earlier, the attached homework is formatted in such a way the child can easily write the answer on the notebook.  Printing is not mandatory.

Many thanks for your support.

Class 2 Teachers

16Sep2022 Catechism Activity Sheet