Greetings, dear parents.

The lesson for 7 October 2022 is “JESUS HELPS US”. Please find attached the Lesson Materials and Activity Sheet/ homework list below:

  • Homework pages 37-38 of the Green Activity Book
  • Prayer Video – Morning Offering (Golden color prayer book, page 12) Some of our children still did not send the prayer video of the “Morning Offering”. We urge parents to help our children memorize the prayer, otherwise, child will struggle during the oral prayer exam. Please note below when you send the child’s video prayer.
    • Let the child stand
    • Start with the Sign of the Cross
    • Hands held together. EYES CLOSED when reciting the prayer
    • End with the Sign of the Cross
  • 1st attachment – “JESUS HELPS US” Summary of Lesson plus coloring pages
  • 2nd attachment – Activity Sheet Please note, we will do the activity together in class this Friday itself.

** Please submit the prayer video and assignments right after the class 7 October or before the 14Oct 2022 – child will get a STAR.

Kindly ensure your child stays up-to-date with completing the homework, lessons and prayer taught till now. The first class test for 20 marks is scheduled on October 14th. It will be in Google exam (MCQ format) to be completed during the class. Attendance for the class test is mandatory.

Pointers for the first class test:

  • Green Activity Book:
    • Lesson 11 Jesus Tells Us About His Father
    • Lesson 12 Jesus Loves Us
    • Lesson 13 Jesus Helps Us
  • Bible Portions: God’s Creation and Noah
  • Prayer: Morning Offering

Many thanks for your support,

Class 2 Teachers

7 Oct 2022 Jesus Helps Us- Lesson & Coloring pages

7 Oct 2022 Jesus Helps Us Activity Sheet