Greetings, dear parents.

Today’s Lesson is about “God’s Creation”.

Please find attached the Lesson Materials and Activity Sheet (homework) for this Friday 9 September 2022 to be printed and stuck on notebook.

Please note that there is no urgency in printing the lesson materials and homework. The lesson will be taught in class every Friday and can be viewed from the website. These pages  can be printed / stuck on the notebook later in the week.  The homework is formatted in such a way the child can easily write the answer on the notebook

  • The 1st attachment – God’s Creation Lesson Materials
  • The 2nd attachment – Homework / Activity sheet
    May be answered directly on the child notebook and send the answers by taking photo of the page/ paper and send via whatsapp to the Class Teacher.
  • Please help your child memorize the “Morning Offering” prayer and send the prayer video to the class teacher. (Gold prayer book, page 12)

*** The homework and prayer video may be sent before Friday 16 Sept.  However, if received on same Friday 9 September  or before the 16th – child will get a STAR.

Many thanks for your support.

Class 2 Teachers

Lesson Materials – God’s Creation

Activity Sheet (Homework) – God’s Creation 9Sept 2022